We welcome you to gahlaut college. College is established by ”Gahlaut Charitable Trust” with aim to provide quality education. We believe in emphasis on personality development and no compromise to quality and code of ethics. As the college education is the foundation for all future possibilities in the life of a student. Our college is committed to foster the pursuit of excellence for academic, cultural, social and physical activities.

प्रिय विद्यार्थियों,

जिंदगी की असली उड़ान अभी बाकी है,
जिंदगी के कई इम्तेहान अभी बाकी है,
अभी तो कुछ दूरी ही मापी है हमने,
आगे अभी सारा आसमान बाकी है |

Mr. Umesh Chandra Gahlaut

Founder President
Gahlaut Charitable Trust

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